Give your body that needed boost.

£25- Femal only

Vitamin B12 Booster Jab

Vitamin B12 enables the release of energy by helping the body to absorb folic acid, improves energy levels and reduces fatigue, improves concentration, supports healthy hair, skin and nails, supports bone health, promotes vision health, improves mood, regulates sleep patterns, may help prevent memory loss, improves metabolism and helps with weight loss, boost immune system, decreases blood homocysteine, and improves heart health. In short, getting a B12 booster jab will make you feel great!

£150  £120

Vitamin B12 Bundle

Save money when booking a course of Vitamin B12 booster jabs. It's recommended to do a course of 6 B12 jabs if you're just starting out, once your course is complete you can go forward with having a jab once a month or just having one when you feel like you need that little boost. Whether you're booking your beginner course or just want to have your future jabs paid for in advance with a little discount, this bundle is perfect for you!