Finding the perfect eyebrow shape can feel like an impossible task these days. With so many different products and styles available, discovering the ideal arch for your face and eye shape can be a little overwhelming. But those lucky few who have it nailed tend to have a few habits that keep their brows looking in tip top condition. Here are ten tips from brow aficionados that you can easily follow too - just don’t share your secrets with anyone else!

1. They give them room to grow

It’s really tempting to hack at those brows as soon as stragglers appear, but sometimes it’s best to just let them do their thing for a while. If your brows are on the sparse side the best thing you can do is let them grow. It can take up to a year for the full growth cycle to take place, so try not to tweeze and if in doubt get a professional to deal with it. Which leads us to….

2. They let the experts do the shaping

Magazines are full of hints and tips on how to get the perfect eyebrow shape, but that still doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake. If you’ve ever been left with one eyebrow that’s a totally different shape to the other one, you’re not alone - social media is full of brow disasters that take time and money to fix. Like many things - such as drilling teeth or building a patio - getting your brows done properly is best left to a professional who has had years of practice at getting it just right.

3. They never go near wax or thread at home

To reinforce the theme of leaving it to the experts, waxing and threading are things that look much easier than they are in reality. Brow technicians train for years to ensure an accurate, mess free finish, so if you want to avoid getting in a pickle you really can’t beat visiting a reputable brow bar instead of a DIY job.

4. They get their eyebrows tinted

Unless you’re blessed with perfectly coloured natural brows, you’ll probably have to use makeup to get the shade and shape you want. But one of the biggest problems with eyebrow pencils and gels is that they wash and rub off during the day - leaving you looking worse for wear every time you come out of the gym or swimming pool. Having your eyebrows tinted can be a real game changer, allowing you not only to enjoy long lasting, hassle free colour but also helping create the perfect shape.

5. They never let their brows get near moisturiser or foundation

We all know the importance of keeping our skin hydrated and safe from the sun, but moisturiser, SPFs and foundation can all wreak havoc on our brows. Not only can these products get mixed in with hairs and make them look tangled and unsightly, but they can also encourage hairs to fall out and inhibit growth altogether. To keep your arches looking gorgeous, go easy around the brow area and use a delicate blending brush for any makeup.

6. They choose the right shade

Nothing says “fake” more loudly than a harsh eyebrow pencil mark drawn on in the wrong shade. With such little diversity in the market when it comes to eyebrow makeup - many shop bought pencils and gels simply come in blonde, light brown and black - it can be really hard to find the right match. Going to a brow bar and seeking help from a professional technician will help you find the perfect shade to match your eyes, hair and skin tone.

7. They use different products together

Just like the hair on our heads, eyebrows are multidimensional and include varying tones and shades. By layering on different brow products, such as pomades, waxes and pencils, you can achieve a much more natural look that will keep people guessing.

8. They look after the fledglings

Those tiny little hairs that stick up at the front of your brows are a lovely sign of fresh growth that should be embraced, nor eradicated - it’s just about knowing what to do with them. A professional brow technician will get to work on new hairs, brushing and grooming them to encourage full growth and create a beautiful, natural looking arch that can take years off your face.

9. They make the most of their brow bones

Think a polished brow look finishes with a pluck and shape? Think again. All Insta queens understand the power of the highlighter, which when applied just under the arches can really make eyes pop.

10. They love brow gel

Ask any modern beauty queen what’s the most precious thing in their makeup bag and more often than not you’ll hear the words “brow gel”. It’s a great way to instantly brighten eyes and neaten brows, giving you a wide awake look with minimal effort.

Want perfect brows but not sure how to do it on your own? Visit our friendly studio in the heart of Brighton’s Kemptown and we’ll be delighted to take care of it for you! Book your appointment today.

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